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    Come and experience a informal trip centring around the participants and their interactions. One can join us as a solo participant or a group. Focusing on the journey and gaining acquaintances along with experiencing the joy of adventure sports and cycling!

    About Us

    We are a group of motivated adventure enthusiasts who wanted create a platform for cycling enthusiasts to come together, interact and go on rides together. Also to push for rappeling, rock climbing. kayaking and others adventure activities as a genuine sport among the youth and not as a leisure activity as it is currently seen as.

    Why Us

    We have a very holistic approach towards our work and we consider this as a experience going beyond the trip itself. We have gained experience for a couple of years running the Cycling Club and Adventure Club of IIT Bombay both together having a trip a week over the period of two years. This gave us a view on the nuances of the mentality around the adventure sports in the youth.


    Rides On Roll